The Ultimate Guide to Juicers

How can a glass of fresh juice cheer and quench your thirst! Each person has different taste preferences, but the benefits of the product are equally important for everyone. And here comes the question of which one to choose a juicer to preserve all the useful properties of juice.

Now the market provides juicers of three types – screw, centrifugal and citrus.

Auger juicer

A universal device for obtaining juice. The principle of operation resembles a meat grinder working under a press. It can squeeze out juice from numerous berries, vegetables, fruits, even capable of crushing and chopping greens, and also getting juice from sprouted wheat, pomegranate seeds. What is its advantage? This juicer reduces the amount of waste, and since it has a self-cleaning function, it allows you to quickly wash it. This juicer works at low revs, with gentle mode without heating. Minimal contact with air and non-heating of ingredients during the process does not allow the juice to oxidize, hence – all useful substances remain. With mild conditions of use, you can use this kind of juicer for a long time without interruption, which is ideal for both daily production of juice and for preservation.

Centrifugal juicer

Centrifugal juicer

The time of the grater grinds the fruit into gruel, then passes them through a sieve, eliminating unnecessary flesh. In this device there is a special neck, through which the juice products are fed inside, and a wooden or, possibly, plastic pusher for pushing the product. In order to keep many crusts and whole pieces of the product from clogging under the cover, pay attention to the gap between the pusher and the grater, it should not be more than 3 mm, this is in the operation book.

There are devices that consume more than 500 watts. Such juicers can squeeze out liters of juice, but with a periodicity, since the device has the property of heating. It should be noted that this kind of juicers produces a lot of noise. Those that consume power of about 250 watts are suitable for home use and the noise from them is much less. Since in the centrifugal juicer the cake is moved at a tremendous speed, the pulp is directly pressed into the walls, and the resulting juice flows down through the neck. Due to the actions taking place in the device, you will get more foam than juice. It is worth paying attention to what the separator consists of (rotating inside the centrifuge). If it is aluminum, then all the useful vitamin C will be destroyed, which greatly affects the taste and usefulness of the juice.

Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer

Has a very simple design and is not suitable for all fruits. Such devices make juice only from oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons and lime. When using, it is necessary to cut the fruit in half and put it on a cone-shaped nozzle. Further, it remains only to put a little pressure on the fruit and wait until the juice is poured into a glass or a measuring cup.

When choosing a juicer for home use, it is worth paying attention to the nozzles and functions. In the kit you can get not only a juicer, but a whole food processor. If the body of the material and the container for the juice are plastic, then there is a possibility that it will stain from carrots or beets, so it is worth paying attention to the stainless steel device, they lack such a shortage and they are easy to clean.

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