How to Use a Juice Extractor

Let’s talk about how to use a juicer, and it’s modern models, the functionality of which may seem too difficult for people of the “old temper.” Even the simplest electric model of the Russian assembly, intended for citrus, should be used correctly. This will not only improve the spinning efficiency, but will also allow you to reach a given level of durability, as determined by the manufacturer. It should be noted that all the necessary information is provided by the instruction manual for the juicer, which must necessarily be included.

But if the instruction seemed too complicated for you, I suggest reading my advice, which is written in a more accessible language.

What can not tolerate the modern squeezer?

It’s not for nothing that they say that not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for squeezing juice. All the fruits must be sorted before you put it into the device. To get a vitamin drink you definitely will not do:

  1. Dirty fruits or fruits that have already begun to deteriorate. Also, the fruit can not be squeezed out, which were scalded by boiling water. They are more like welded, so that the device in the process of spinning will turn them into gruel. And that juice, which is formed as a result, will not have the best taste.
  2. Fruits with a stone or strongly fibrous vegetables and fruits. If the seed falls or the fibers are tied up in the working parts of the device, the machine may fail, as a result of which you may need a juicer circuit to repair it.Peaches
  3. Fruits that are not designed for your model. For example, if you bought a device for citrus, you can not make apple juice in it. If the device works only with soft fruits, hard to put it is not recommended, etc. Each model has its own preferences and recommendations, which are voiced all the same instructions to the juicer.

Basic rules of work


  1. Before starting the device, be sure to check the correctness of the assembly of the device, as well as the correct connection to the mains. In principle, if the model is of high quality, then it has an interlocking system that works when the assembly or installation is incorrect. But it will not hurt to be reinsured.
  2. Check the cord for damage. If the network elements are faulty, you do not need to turn on the device before the replacement. If you carry out self-repair according to the scheme, make sure that when you disassemble the device it is not plugged into the outlet.
  3. Do not wash the electric motor under water. I do not need to explain the reasons for this.Basic rules of work
  4. Household compressors for kitchen use for long-term work are not intended. The instructions must indicate the time of continuous use of your model. Cheap low-power devices, as a rule, work for one session no more than 1-2 minutes. If you exceed this time, this may affect the longevity of the device. In simple words, the motor from overvoltage will quickly fail.
  5. Observe the technology of juice preparation, especially in those points that concern the preparation of fruits and vegetables. Even if the loading throat is wide enough, it is better not to strain the engine in vain and cut the fruits into smaller parts. This will also squeeze the juice faster than usual.

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