Green Juice Recipes

The most common fruit is an apple. These fruits are present on the tables of all families, regardless of affluence. And this despite the fact that today supermarkets provide a wide selection of exotic fruits and berries. A freshly squeezed apple juice is one of the most healthy drinks. Moreover, it is the most productive in its scope. Very often, on its basis, other types of juices are made. But, apple juice is not as useful as it seems. In some cases, the product is even contraindicated.

How to cook delicious fresh?

Apple Fresh

Prepare fresh from apples is not difficult. It is enough to clean 4-5 apples, to pass them through the juicer. Such fresh must be drunk immediately, after pressing. But, there is not always the time and opportunity to consume a freshly prepared drink. Therefore, you can make a blank for the winter. Preserved juice will have the same useful properties as fresh juice.

To prepare you will need several components. The main ingredient, of course, is an apple. From 1 kg of fruits it turns out about 0,3-0,5 liters of juice. So, the ingredients for making the recipe are:The most common fruit is an apple. These fruits are present on the tables of all families, regardless of affluence.

  • Lemon (citric acid);
  • Apples;
  • A large saucepan;
  • Banks, covers.

Apples are washed, cleaned from the middle. After that, the fruit is carried through the juicer. The resulting juice is placed in a saucepan. The product should be on small fire until small bubbles begin to appear. This means that the juice has reached the desired temperature of 95 degrees. The juice should not boil. Otherwise, most of the useful properties will go away.

In addition, the boiling potion will be less stored. While juice is languishing, banks and lids are sterilized. While the juice is still on fire, it adds citric acid to taste. The product is poured into cans and rolled up. The potion is perfectly combined with other types of juices. Especially delicious is an apple drink when mixed with pomegranate, carrot, pumpkin, grape juice.

The use of apple fresh for men, women and children

Specialists found that men are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular pathologies than women. Among the stronger sex, often there are atherosclerosis, stroke, ischemic heart disease. Only 2 glasses of natural juice a day will strengthen the vessels, protect the body from these pathologies. Also, regular use of the product renews the hormonal background, improves the endocrine system. And this all has a positive effect on the state of potency.

Apple juice for women

Apple juice for women

Very useful drink for the female body. Due to the large amount of iron, the product facilitates the condition, eliminates pain during menstruation. Also, the level of hemoglobin, hemopoiesis is restored. Saves apple juice and vitamin deficiency.

The product is rich in vitamin E. For each girl it is important to keep the beauty and youth as long as possible. Thanks to the vitamin composition, the condition of the skin, hair, nails and teeth improves. Slowing down the aging process, and cells regenerate faster. The potion helps fight bad mood, depression. After all, psychoemotional disorders, most often, are observed in girls.

Doctors strongly recommend eating apple juice to pregnant women. The drink saturates the body of both the future mother and the baby with the necessary nutrients. And vitamins will protect the girl from a possible avitaminosis, low immunity during the period of bearing the baby. If you drink 0.4 liters of drink per day, the fetus will develop normally.

Apple juice for children

Apple juice for children

Drink is an excellent source of all useful substances for a growing body. Include fresh juice in the baby’s diet should not be earlier than six months after birth. This applies to those crumbs that are breastfed. If the baby feeds not on mother’s milk, but on mixtures, this can be done as early as 4 months. Pediatricians claim that this juice should be the first drink, after the mother’s milk, in the baby’s diet. But, you need to start with minimal doses – 1 teaspoon.

Older children need to give juice half an hour before a meal. Natural juice is too concentrated, and can disrupt the digestive system. Therefore, it must be diluted with purified water. Since 3 years, apple juice can be mixed with other types of fresh (carrots, beets, pear, greens, cucumber, pomegranate). The daily norm of the drink for a child from 3 to 10 years is 100 ml (2 times 50 ml each).

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