How to Use a Juice Extractor

Let’s talk about how to use a juicer, and it’s modern models, the functionality of which may seem too difficult for people of the “old temper.” Even the simplest electric model of the Russian assembly, intended for citrus, should be used correctly. This will not only improve the spinning efficiency, but will also allow you to reach a given level of durability, as determined by the manufacturer. It should be noted that all the necessary information is provided by the instruction manual for the juicer, which must necessarily be included. Continue reading “How to Use a Juice Extractor”

Green Juice Recipes

The most common fruit is an apple. These fruits are present on the tables of all families, regardless of affluence. And this despite the fact that today supermarkets provide a wide selection of exotic fruits and berries. A freshly squeezed apple juice is one of the most healthy drinks. Moreover, it is the most productive in its scope. Very often, on its basis, other types of juices are made. But, apple juice is not as useful as it seems. In some cases, the product is even contraindicated. Continue reading “Green Juice Recipes”