Blender and Juicer Buying Guide

It is known that in freshly squeezed juice there are times more vitamins and trace elements than in the purchased one, even the most expensive one. With modern juicers, you have unlimited opportunities for juice production at home.

Citrus press

Citrus press

This is the simplest of juicers. With its help, you can squeeze out the juice of tangerines, oranges, grapefruits and lemons. The principle of the citrus press is based on the rotation of the cone juicer, which is powered by an electric motor. You press the half of the cut fruit to the rotating cone and hold until the juice stops flowing.

The function of controlling the amount of pulp in the juice allows you to regulate the density of the product. You can do this by changing the size of the slits on the cone through which the juice flows – the smaller the slits, the less the pulp will be in the drink. Also, the consistency of the juice can be changed with a thin or coarse filter. Rotating the cone in both directions will squeeze out the maximum amount of juice.

Despite the narrow specialization, the citrus press is considered an unrivaled master of its craft – neither centrifugal nor screw models will squeeze out all the juice from the fruit the way a juicer for a citrus fruit will do.

The centrifugal juicer is based on a centrifuge with a grater and a sieve. Vegetable or fruit, getting into the juicer, is rubbed into the gruel with a small disc grater. Then the juice is separated from the pulp in the separator and, filtered by centrifugal force, enters the juice collection tank or directly into the glass.

Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicers

By type of separator are divided into two types:

  • Cylindrical – do not have an automatic reset cake (they must be washed while preparing the drink), but they are able to separate up to 90% of the juice.
  • Conical – have an automatic reset of the cake, but can squeeze out only 70% of the juice.

The container for the cake should be transparent or translucent – this will allow controlling the degree of its filling in order to avoid overloading. If you plan to squeeze 1-2 glasses of juice for breakfast, the container volume may be small – 0.5-1 liter. Some juicers have a container volume of up to 7 liters.

Auger juicer

Auger juicer

Visually similar to a meat grinder. The principle of separation of juice in it is similar to a press. Fruits or vegetables, passing through the auger, are first crushed, and then pressed against the walls of the screen, secreting the juice. The cake is periodically thrown into a special container.

Screw juice extractors are:

  • Horizontal auger, as a rule, has a narrower neck. This means that the mortgaged products need to be cut into more parts. But such juicers can often be used as a coffee grinder. If such a juicer has a function of homogenization, then you will simply cook fruit or vegetable purees for the child or for conservation.
  • The vertical auger is more productive. You can get more juice in less time. The wide neck of the auger will allow the whole fruit juice or cut in half to be thrown into the juicer.

Another advantage of a screw juicer – it allows you to get juice from berries and herbs.

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